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Spotify streaming support for Apple Watch!

Spotify streaming support for Apple Watch!

Spotify began offering standalone streaming support for Apple Watch. The application, which has been in beta for a long time, is preparing to meet users with its new features.

Spotify streaming support for Apple Watch!

Spotify, one of the world’s most popular online music streaming services, had an application for the Apple Watch for years, but this application could not be used independently of an iPhone. So an iPhone was required to control Spotify from the Apple Watch.

However, the company, which made a new statement today, announced that the Apple Watch application supports iPhone-independent music streaming. This way, Spotify users can listen to music or podcasts from Spotify over Wi-Fi or cellular data without having to have an iPhone nearby.

According to TechCrunch, the official, who made a statement on the subject, stated that streaming support for Apple Watch went live today, but this feature has not reached everyone yet. In addition, although streaming service is currently available, offline music streaming has not yet been released for Apple Watch. It is said that the company will activate the new feature in all users in a short time.

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