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‘Spotify’ Meets ‘Apple’ to Work Integrated with Siri


Voice assistants on smartphones allow us to create a reminder, send messages, make calls and set alarms without making any contact with the devices screen. With Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 13, users can control the famous music platform Spotify with voice assistant Siri.

The music, which is published by the artists on the internet, brings money to the artist and has the chance to spread to a much larger audience if the users are broadcast on the platforms they prefer.

Spotify, a digital music distribution platform based on a monthly subscription system, was tried to be excluded from the Apple ecosystem after Apple launched its own music distribution platform, Apple Music.

‘Spotify’ Meets ‘Apple’ to Work Integrated with Siri

Spotify, which has gained a solid audience thanks to Apple users preferring Spotify to Apple Music, has continued to maintain its presence in Apple’s operating systems.

With iOS 13 allowing third-party application developers to integrate their music applications into Apple’s voice assistant Siri, the Swedish digital music company began negotiations with Apple.

If things go well, Spotify users in iOS will now be able to tell Siri to play a track, play a playlist, play albums, and more while listening to music on Spotify.

Thanks to the advantages offered by SiriKit, which will have a much more important place in our lives with iOS 13, a lot has been opened for developers. Application developers will now be able to add tons of features related to voice assistant Siri to their apps.

With the release of iOS 13 next month, Spotify is expected to be controlled by Siri.

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