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Spotify iOS comes to Android

Spotify iOS comes to Android

Along with Android 10, the notification bar gains many more functions. The new notification bar will also display the progress bar of the media being played. The first application to use this feature was Spotify. Spotify will show the progress bar in the notification bar along with Android 10.

Spotify will be more useful with Android 10

The Spotify iOS app has long allowed control of the progress bar from the notification bar. However, Spotify did not have such a feature in the Android version. Only song pause, next and previous song functions were available from the notification bar. Spotify iOS with Android 10 will come to Android. This allows Android users to control the song from the progress bar without entering the Spotify app.

The feature is currently only available in the new beta version of Spotify. In the coming days, the Android 10 operating system will be released for all users and new features of Spotify will be available to all users. The addition of new features to Spotify is also expected.

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