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Spotify can get a feature to rival TikTok

Spotify can get a feature to rival TikTok

Spotify continues to increase the number of millions of platform users by adding new features. Now, with the help of a new patent, Spotify can offer a feature such as sharing content with video. Currently, this Spotify patent on platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat allows users to exchange short “video replays” added to the music.

Is the Spotify video content sharing feature similar to TikTok?

Users interested in stories like to share the content of a short video with the Reels feature on Instagram. At the same time, Spotify continues to work so that users can share their moments as videos.

The popular platform recently introduced video podcasts. A feature aimed at increasing the visual and auditory richness of artists, including music videos, is now distributed throughout Spotify.

The details of the patent say that Spotify creates a frame for the ecosystem, similar to the TikTok that they can choose and apply to their videos. The ability to share these videos will allow others to see the name of the song and artist who are playing at the same time.

The system allows a user to create a music or other media holding of media content, song data, and song associated with an audio clip to create a video replay. The music created at the same time allows you to associate it with the video. When you describe this, short videos appear in TikTok. It is expected that more detailed information about the property will appear in the coming days.

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