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Spotify brings a new notification system for podcast

Spotify brings a new notification system for podcast

Spotify, which attracts users through podcasts, now receives a new notification system. Spotify, which includes sending “mobile notifications” on some other platforms broadcasting podcasts, is thus aimed at informing users of new public podcasts. Statements about the podcast come from today.

Spotify podcast notifications are coming

Almost all mobile applications receive many notifications during the day. Thanks to notifications, we learn about communication, live television, likes and many things. And Spotify, which wants to take advantage of this, offers a notification system for podcasts.

The new simple Spotify feature will begin throwing out new sections of the podcast as mobile notifications. The theft of new Spotify podcast series will be prevented.

Users will be notified when they have access to the new sections of subscribers or publications they follow. If you do not like notifications, you cannot enable this feature because it can be closed and opened at the request, and thus it can be installed at the request of the user.

Spotifi wants to feed more podcasts every day. Spotify, which enters into various agreements and partnerships on this issue, intends to face various publications and their users in the near future. A popular platform that signs name agreements is also very ambitious in the podcast.

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