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SpaceX Sets A New Record With The Falcon 9, Launched For The 7th Time


SpaceX sent 60 more satellites into space as part of the Starlink project. A very important development took place in the task performed a few hours ago. The company broke a record by using the same Falcon 9 rocket for the 7th time. This launch was probably SpaceX’s cheapest launch to date.

SpaceX, which has achieved very important work on space transportation since its establishment, has launched a new Starlink project. As part of this project, the company sent more than 60 more satellites into deep space. While this development brought SpaceX a little closer to its dreams of delivering high-speed internet to the world, it witnessed another important development. With this project, the company broke a new record for the 7th time using the same Falcon 9 rocket.

SpaceX’s greatest goal is to be able to transport with reusable spacecraft. The company has used the same Falcon 9 6 times before within the scope of Starlink projects. In fact, it was also a record. The company has set a new record with its seventh launch. In the meantime, let us state that using the same rockets repeatedly in space transportation saves SpaceX millions of dollars.

SpaceX breaks new record in Florida

SpaceX Sets A New Record With The Falcon 9, Launched For The 7th Time

The space transport giant has stormed more than 60 Starlink satellites from the center called “Cape Canaveral” in Florida, USA. There were no problems with the take-off that took place within seconds, and no negativity was encountered during Falcon 9’s return to the world.

SpaceX says they will continue to work to reduce costs. It must be said that this is a very appropriate decision. Because scrapping a rocket used on a mission means a new rocket will be needed for each launch. SpaceX eliminates this situation. Working on just a few parts, the company is making the same rocket reusable. The company has not made an official statement on this, but each reuse of the Falcon 9 leads to a further reduction in cost. Probably the last launch was SpaceX’s most cost-effective launch to date.

If you would like to see the broadcast of the Starlink mission performed hours ago, you can check out the video below.

SpaceX Sets A New Record With The Falcon 9, Launched For The 7th Time

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