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Sony’s 40th anniversary Walkman music player


When you put the Sony NW-A100TPS music player in its special case, the screen saver starts to feel as if you were turning a cassette. That’s the only thing he’s different about.

Sony’s 40th anniversary Walkman music player

Portable cassette players, known as the pioneer of a major revolution in the music industry, or Walkman, as it was known, left 40 years behind. Sony has designed a special music player for this important anniversary.

Sony NW-A100TPS – Specs and Price

The music player NW-A100TPS comes with a special Walkman case. When you put the device in this case, the screen saver appears as a cassette. The color of the tape changes according to the track you play. When you close the cover, you feel as if you are playing a cassette.

On the back is a logo for the 40th anniversary and the retro headphone jack has not been forgotten. The screen is 3.6 inches and offers a storage capacity of 16GB. The battery can be used for 26 hours on a single charge.

You can play your playlists by connecting to supported music platforms via WiFi as well as the songs you have uploaded yourself. In order to experience nostalgia, you have to take out 440 Euros.

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