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Sony Will Not Sell Affordable PS5 In Low Internet Speed Areas


Sony’s PS5 console, which is no longer a secret, came out in two different versions last August. The most important of these models was the disc input. The more affordable PS5, which does not have a disc slot, requires games to be downloaded over the internet. For this reason, it is said that it will not be available in countries with low connection speeds.

While the secret curtains about the new generation consoles are being opened one by one, we look forward to the November 2020 when they will go on sale. Although it is difficult to access these consoles in our country, the future of the game world will depend on the Xbox Series S and PS5. Sony’s powerful trump card, PS5, has managed to raise the expectations even more than the Xbox’s.

The PS5 will be released in the US, UK, Europe and Japan on November 12, and will hit the shelves in the rest of the world on November 19. The standard version with physical disk entry, which is introduced at a price of $ 499, will be offered to players in all countries. However, the situation is a bit troublesome for PS5 Digital Edition, which does not have a disc and where games are downloaded over the internet.

No PS5 Digital Edition for the Middle East region:

Sony Will Not Sell Affordable PS5 In Low Internet Speed Areas

A website called GeekayGames listed the PS5 for 2099 dirhams for the United Arab Emirates. However, it is said that the digital version of the console will not go on sale in the UAE, which is due to the low internet speed average across the country. It is mentioned that the same situation will apply to all countries in the Middle East region.

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