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Sony: PS5 will not waste as much energy as PS4

Sony: PS5 will not waste as much energy as PS4

Sony is working on the PlayStation 5. New information about the next generation console is unclear when it is not yet clear. This time comes from a very reliable source of information. Sony made a statement about the PS5: PS5 energy consumption will be lower than the PS4. In other words, the PS5 will be more environmentally friendly than the PS4.

Sony PS5 will consume less energy than PS4

Information on PS5 energy consumption came from the official source. Sony has made important statements about the sleep mode of the next generation console. According to the company statement, the PS5 will have a more efficient sleep mode.

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, provided information on the new Planet for Play plans to improve sustainability in the gaming industry. To make the PS5 more efficient, the company will use the chip system in which the components are located in one area. The energy-saving suspend mode will also come with the new console. This mode will allow users to achieve more successful energy savings on their devices. This energy saving is said to be 0.5W.

According to Sony, one million users will benefit from this power-saving feature, which will save an average of 1,000 households in the US.

Focusing on energy savings at the console, the company also looks at the carbon footprint of gaming services and evaluates the data centers’ energy efficiency measures.

Sony is just one company that strives to make the climate neutral. In the same way, we know that Amazon, Google, and Facebook are all working on this.

When will the PS5 be released? Currently, the answer to this question is unknown. The console will be more environmentally friendly than the PS4 AMD Ryzen CPU and a special GPU will be used. The console will offer backward compatibility for PS4 games and PlayStation VR. Using SSD on the storage side instead of the hard drive will shorten installation times. In addition, beam tracking technology will be used on the console for clearer and cleaner images.


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