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Sony PlayStation 5 denied price rumors!

Sony PlayStation 5 denied price rumors!

Recently, rumors about the PlayStation 5 release date and price have been denied by Sony. Here are the latest details about the PlayStation 5.

As those who follow the gaming industry more or less closely, Sony and Microsoft will launch their new generation consoles in the last quarter of 2020.

So far, the two giant names of the console sector have shared some technical details about the new generation consoles with the public. In fact, Microsoft had recently officially introduced its next generation console at The Game Awards. Introduced by the name of the Xbox Series X at the event of the console, the output name of the console was specified only Xbox.

Sony shares the technical details of the PlayStation 5, but has not yet introduced the console. A game channel broadcasting in Japan last day shared some details about PlayStation 5 price and release date.

Will the PlayStation 5 cost $ 1,000?

Sony claims that it will introduce two different PS5 consoles. One of these consoles would be sold for $ 600 and the other one would have a tag of around $ 1000. The $ 1000 console was also claimed to be more powerful in terms of technical equipment like the PS4 Pro. In addition, the two consoles will be available as of December 4 said.

Sony needed to make a statement about the rapid spread of these rumors. The Japanese console giant said in a statement about the PS5 price and release date claims are not true.

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