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Sony Confirms PS5 Will Not Support PS1, PS2 and PS3 Games


On November 19, Sony announced that the new game console would be 99 percent compatible with PS4 games. The company said that games on the old generation console will not be supported in the new generation.

Sony announced that PlayStation 5 will be significantly more compatible. Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, who wants to clarify the situation, said PS5 will be 99 percent compatible with PS4 games. Although the new console is compatible with PS4, PS1 does not support PS2 or PS3 games.

Ryan said in an interview with Siliconera that the PlayStation 5 development team does not have enough time to provide backward compatibility for older systems. “When we manufactured the device, we PS5 our engineering. Nevertheless PS4 he already has 100 million players, and we decided that these players want to play in PS5 games, so we included compatibility with PS4, “Ryan said, adding that the compatibility of other consoles with the new console will be more difficult.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 similar consoles

According to chief console architect Mark Jerry, PS5 easily supports PS4 because these two consoles have similar designs. Thanks to this simplicity, Sony can also PS4 many PS5 games, such as Days Gone, God of War, Resident Evil 7. The company even announced a library of games called PS Plus Collection.

PlayStation 5 price

PlayStation 5 has two different price options as Digital and Standard versions. While the digital version has a price tag of 400 Dollars / Euro, the Standard version will be priced at 500 Dollars / Euro.

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