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Sony CEO Reveals Every PlayStation 5 Manufactured Sold


Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan announced in an interview with TASS that all PS5 consoles were sold. Ryan also made important statements about the game world.

Now we have the PlayStation 5, the last of the new generation game consoles that we have been watching for a long time. After releasing the console in select regions such as Japan and the USA, Sony launched it around the world yesterday. PlayStation 5 sold out in many places as soon as it went on sale.

Of course, this intense interest that Sony received at the launch of the PlayStation 5 was expected. This has also been addressed by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan. Jim Ryan interviewed TASS, Russia’s largest news agency. Jim stated in his interview that everything is running out.

“Everything is sold out”

Sony CEO Reveals Every PlayStation 5 Manufactured Sold

“How are sales going after a week of exits in selected markets?”, Jim Ryan was directed to him by TASS. He answered his question as follows:

“Everything has been exhausted. Absolutely everything has run out, and there is no doubt that everything will be exhausted in Russia too. I have spent the majority of the last year trying to create sufficient demand for the product, and now I spend a lot of time raising stock to meet that demand.”

Sony has currently not released a press release regarding the sales success of the PlayStation 5. However, according to Jim Ryan’s statement, the company managed to sell every PlayStation 5 console it produced. The biggest problem of the company right now is to produce a lot more PlayStation 5 to meet the demand.

Other comments by Jim Ryan:

Sony CEO Reveals Every PlayStation 5 Manufactured Sold

Jim Ryan did not only address the issue of sales in an interview with TASS. Ryan also talked about this year’s tough conditions, rising game prices, and other issues.

Would PS5 be different without COVID-19?
“Absolutely not about the product and its features. Our launching the PS5 might have been a little different, but the product would be the same. We could sell a few more things but not too much. The guys on the production side did miracles.”

Console wars with Microsoft going on?
“The term console wars is not a term I like or use. It’s better for me to have a competition. I think it pushes us to work harder. It makes us avoid letting us down. It’s nice that the consumer can choose. We are happy and proud of what we have.”

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