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Sony Apologizes for Crashed PS5 Pre-Orders


Japanese tech giant Sony apologized for pre-order problems on the first series of PlayStation 5. Recently, he promised more console.

The next generation game console PlayStation 5 has been officially ordered recently. People who had been waiting for the console for several months attacked retail sites.

Unfortunately, many could not order PlayStation 5. Despite the measures taken by Sony, products sold in retail quickly depleted, pre-order rights fell on the black market. Sonya holds on to the ball, because she did not report the time of exit.

Could be a better system

Sony acknowledged that the whole process can be much softer when it apologizes for unsuccessful pre-orders. PS5 At the same time, Sony promised that in a few days new consoles will appear on the preliminary order, and retail companies will announce this.

Sony pre-ordered the console as a surprise. It was expected that pre-order will begin on September 17. Unfortunately, immediately after the announcement of the company, pre-orders for retail sites began. Besides, that’s not the problem.

Retailers began to notify users that they could not hand over consoles on the day off, and some sellers began to cancel orders directly. So pre-orders PlayStation 5 really gave up on the chaos.

Microsoft learned from Sony

Such problems are usually preferred by companies. It is desirable that the product be in greater demand than ever. However, such great chaos is not suitable for sale.

On September 22, Microsoft announced the sale of new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. What will be your choice on the next generation console? We are waiting for your comments.

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