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Sony Announces PlayStation 5 Compatible Televisions That Will Be Much Talked About Price


Sony announced new TVs compatible with PlayStation 5. Models that appear in front of us as different models offer users a unique experience with a high and variable level of update, as well as resolution and. Sony has new TVs that will rise in price very much.

Japanese tech giant Sony will launch a new PlayStation 5 game console at the end of this year. A game console that players expect with great excitement, especially with high resolution. Sony also announced new TVs that will work in full harmony with PlayStation 5. If you want, get closer to the new Sony TVs.

PlayStation promises a high frame rate in resolution 8K and 4K. This suggests that even if the players have this game console, PlayStation 5 will not be enough alone. New television models announced by Sony will also allow players to impose PlayStation 5 boundaries. Sony’s new TVs are called “Bravia X900H” and “HBR Z8H.”

It’s Sony Bravia X900H

Sony Announces PlayStation 5 Compatible Televisions That Will Be Much Talked About Price

Sony Bravia X900H is a 55-inch TV developed on Android. Users can also choose 4K-inch, 65-inch or 75-inch versions of this TV, offering 85 resolution. The new Sony LED television has a 4K resolution, as well as a 120Hz screen refresh rate and provides HDR support. Sony claims that the delay time of this intelligent TV is 7.2 ms.

This is what Sony HBR Z8H looks like

The second Sony TV, compatible with PlayStation 5, is used Z8H XBR 4K 120 Hz resolution with a screen refresh factor. This smart TV also supports 8K resolution. Sony’s descriptions note that HBR Z8X has extended sound properties. Users have access to Z8H-inch or 75-inch sizes on 85 Sony models.

Both Sony television models can work according to the PlayStation 5 controller called DualSense. Users can use the TV and play games with this game console. Sony claims that their new products are automatically synchronized with DualSense, and users do not need to switch from console to TV or console.

In addition to impressive features in Sony’s new TVs, it has a variable degree of screen refresh. Thus, users experience smoothness and no screen breaks due to this feature, which is automatically turned on. Among other things, Sony’s new TVs are equipped with Acoustic Surface Audio, which provides excellent sound quality.

How much are Sony’s new PlayStation 5 compatible televisions?

According to Sony;

  • 55-inch Bravia X900H $ 999
  • The 75-inch Bravia X900H is $ 2,199
  • 85-inch Bravia X900H $ 2,799
  • 75-inch sized XBR Z8H for $ 6,999
  • 85-inch sized XBR Z8H $ 9,999

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