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Solved the “cartridge” puzzle from PlayStation 5


Recently, there were reports that Sony was designing an SSD storage cartridge for the PlayStation 5. Lestsgodigital clarified the inside of the incident and solved the cartridge puzzle.

Solved the “cartridge” puzzle from PlayStation 5

Last week, we learned that Sony Interactive Entertainment patented a cartridge for the PlayStation game console. Then came the information that it wasn’t actually a game cartridge, it was an SSD storage cartridge designed for the PlayStation 5.

Lestsgodigital, which created three-dimensional models of the cartridge from patent images, clarified the true face of the event. Yes, we have a cartridge, but not for the PlayStation 5, but for the Sony TOIO made in Japan.

Not connecting to TV

We can define Sony TOIO as a gaming system that is not connected to the TV. It allows children to control small robots that they play and interact with. There are also additional accessories such as steering wheel.

With the introduction of mass funding, the first version of the Sony TOIO had no space to install cartridges. In the second version, which offers even more features, a cartridge slot is also available. Purchasers of the first version of the Sony TOIO will be able to replace their devices with the advanced version at no additional cost.

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