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Snapchat iPhone 12 focused move

Snapchat iPhone 12 focused move

Snapchat has been doing important work for a while to catch up with its former popularity. Especially, with the “story” feature added to popular applications such as Instagram and WhatsApp, the popularity of the application decreased. After that, he made a UK-focused filter move and decided to focus on AR, augmented reality filters. Now Snapchat is preparing for its iPhone 12-focused move.

Apple recently introduced the highly anticipated iPhone 12 family. Snapchat’s move is coming for the smartphone series, which some people say “there wasn’t a lot of change” and others made “really good” comments. Apple has switched to the LiDAR scanner, thus offering a much better AR experience. For those who don’t know what LiDAR is, it stands for Light Detection and Ranging, and this scanner stands out in its ability to measure the time it takes light to reach or fall on an object and then reflect back.

It is known that Apple has been working for years to improve the AR experience. This browser is expected to make the AR experience more comprehensive. Snapchat is working on a specially designed LiDAR powered lens. At this point, it announced that it will be the first company to use it in the iOS application, together with LiDAR included in the iPhone 12.

Thanks to this technology, it will enable to take better photos or to provide much more accurate results of camera operations. To give an example, these include; You have to shop or research with AR to make sure you don’t get much better results. Application developers can also use this LiDAR technology to make improvements in AR applications.

Snapchat is determined to lead the use of this technology with its latest announcement. Apple seems to be in full alignment with Snapchat’s plans, and a related video was also shared about how Snapchat will work with LiDAR-powered Lens and iOS. Not much is known about Snapchat’s LiDAR-powered Lens.

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