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Snapchat employees followed up secretly


Snapchat has developed a tool for certain issues called SnapLion personal data access tool that apparently has been imposed on the bad ambitions of some employees. Snapchat explores the subject.

In general, on popular social media platforms, we try to capture user information with external cyber attacks, but sometimes the attack comes from the inside. Snapchat was the last example of this.

Snapchat mesajs social networking market, as it will be remembered to be popular after a certain time were deleted messages. However, the deletion of messages and the violation of user privacy has always been the subject of discussion.

Snapchat, as with any platform, had to help law enforcement investigations and developed a tool called SnapLion. SnapLion is able to retrieve data such as the e-mail address and phone number in messages that have not yet been deleted. Snapchat then started to use this tool to prevent spam and cyber bullying.

SnapLion was made available to the security team at the first stage, but when it started to work for processes like password reset, a wider range of employees had access to the company.

Unfortunately, the tool is not only Snapchat. Former employees who do not want to give their name claim that the SnapLion tool has been abused among employees. These employees have secretly watched the users using the tool. Even though the vehicle keeps access to the records, it doesn’t exactly work and the employees use it.

Snapchat certainly states that this is not the case and access to user data is very limited. In addition, the company’s internal correspondence shows that the company is trying to obtain evidence about the subject.


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