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Smart watch with bezel-less display is coming: Rollme Hero

Smart watch with bezel-less display is coming: Rollme Hero

We can say that we no longer see frames on smartphone screens. Unfortunately for smart watches, it’s not. This is a revolution for smart watches. Rollme pumped out hands for smart watches with a frameless screen. The model, called “Rollme Hero,” will strengthen the boundaries of smart watches.

We know the details of Rollme Hero, which will be the first example of a smart watch with a frameless screen.

Rollme Hero introduced, the first smart watch with a bezel-less display

We can say that such a design from Rollme was a surprise. The Rollme Hero model with a backless screen design has a completely frameless screen. Rollme shared details about the new time on his website.

We can say that the clock is quite simple and beautiful as a design. The absence of a frame made it possible to see both digital and analog clocks on the screen. Other statistics and icons do not look boring on the screen.

And LTE support per hour, water and dust resistance. The technical details, besides them, unfortunately, are not separated.

In the company’s previous smart hours, the Mediatek processor was generally used, it is likely that the Mediatek processor will be available in this model. We do not exclude that the Wear OS operating system will be available per hour, perhaps a special operating system will run at this time.

How did you find a frameless smartwatch design?

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