Smart glasses Huawei Eyewear II price has been announced!

Smart glasses Huawei Eyewear II price has been announced!

Huawei-signed smart glasses also appeared at the event where the Mate 40 series was introduced today. With this move, which indicates that global sales will begin, the official sales price of the glasses comes out. Huawei Eyewear II stands out with its features and stylish appearance. Here are Huawei Eyewear II features and price:

Huawei Eyewear II features and price

Huawei signed smart glasses, which were introduced about two months ago, were launched in Singapore. Smart glasses Huawei Eyewear II has a more advanced design compared to the previous generation and likewise comes out with its advanced features. Smart glasses, the latest product of the adaptation of technology to fashion, appear again with Huawei signature. These glasses, called Gentle Monster x Huawei Eyewear II, differ from the previous model in that they are more comfortable.

The smart glasses focus on some new functions, sound controls and design innovations. While Eyewear II has the core technologies of Huawei, it also has privacy protection features. Its semi-open, ultra-thin speaker effectively prevents sound leaks. Besides, it offers the user high performance stereo sound.

The glasses can easily interact with the voice assistant thanks to the voice assistant support that enables the smart feature to become operational. In addition to the eyeglass handles that use lighter material to prevent pressure on the ear, plastic titanium was used throughout the glasses.

The hinge between the handles of the glasses and the edges of the frame is made of flexible titanium. In smart glasses, it is possible to say that the handles behind the ear are increased from 12 degrees to 20 degrees, thus offering a more comfortable use.

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Again, compared to the first generation, smart glasses can offer activities such as listening to music, playing games or watching TV more flawlessly. It has a more advanced open speaker setup for effective sound experience. In conjunction with adaptive sound technology, Eyewear II can automatically reduce ambient noise, allowing the user to better focus on what they are listening to while also preventing disturbance to the people around them.

How is Huawei Eyewear II used?

So how are these smart glasses used? Eyewear II supports the updated intelligent motion control. This way, users only need to gently squeeze the left-hand handle for matching. Apart from pairing, users still need to double tap on the left side to activate the voice assistant.

The glasses intelligently identify typical scenarios and then apply an optimized solution to minimize audio lag, ensuring consistent signal transmission during gameplay. While listening to music, you can slide the handle of the glasses to switch to the previous or next tracks. Sensors that detect when the glasses are removed can stop the music automatically. If the user puts the glasses back on within 3 minutes, the music continues.

In addition to these features of the smart glasses, let’s say that they offer 5 hours of use on a single charge and have wireless fast charging technology as well as NFC contactless payment. When we look at the model name of these smart glasses with Bluetooth 5.2 connection; Smart Myma, Lang, Kubo and Havana models are coming out. The weights of these models are; 48.1 g, 44.2 g, 45.45 g, and 44.6 g. is happening. On the battery side, the glasses have 85 mAh battery capacity. These smart glasses, which are resistant to water and dust, are protected by IP54 certification.

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The price tag of these smart glasses, which come with four different models, is 299 euros.

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