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Smart charger cases for iPhone 11 leaked!

Smart charger cases for iPhone 11 leaked!

After Apple presented a new AirPods surprise yesterday, we also shared the news of the iOS 13.2 update. Today, the Smart Battery Case images for the iPhone 11 Pro have leaked!

Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro leaked!

Apple has often been criticized in recent years due to the poor battery life of the latest iPhone models. This year, however, the new iPhone 11 family has not been criticized for its high battery life. But, albeit the best, the smart charger for the new iPhone models has been released this year.

The three new images MacRumors detected in the latest version of iOS 13 showed that Apple’s next-generation Smart Battery Cases will come out in unmodified designs similar to those introduced last year. The only variable in design is that there is now a much larger camera area due to the extra sensors found on Apple’s latest iPhones.

Although Apple has not commented on the new Smart Battery Case for the new iPhone 11 Pro, the company is expected to launch suddenly like the AirPods Pro soon. But last year, the iPhone XS and XR smartphone cases were leaked in December and became official a month later. This year is also thought to hang out in January.

Alternatively, some allegations show that Apple may announce before Friday. Some allegations suggest that the company plans daily announcements this week and will list a different product every day on its official website. In this case, the new MacBook Pro and the updated Apple TV will also be available this week.

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