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Shorts update for YouTube app!


Google took action for YouTube Shorts, which was launched as a TikTok competitor in April. The fact that Instagram has also entered this market with Reels and TikTok is banned in countries where it reaches its high users such as the USA and India, seems to have mobilized Google. In this sense, Google is updating the Shorts feature for its YouTube application.

Is the Shorts button coming for the YouTube mobile app?

The new update, prepared for the mobile application YouTube, gives signals about the completion of preparation for video shorts. The purpose of the application is used to download video and live broadcast by YouTube content manufacturers.

With a new update, the camera button in the upper part comes to the lower panel in the form of a create button in the form of a large plus. The notification icon on the YouTube also moves up. This update is currently available on Android version YouTube 15.30. It is not yet clear when this design change will come to iOS.

Shorts update for YouTube app!

Along with this update, Google aims to simplify the creation of mobile content by content creators. At the moment, it is not known exactly when the update for the Shorts function will be made. However, it will be appreciated that this design change is intended for more active use by the content creators of the mobile application YouTube.

Predictions suggest that short music videos with this create button will be created for Shorts. This update was first published in India, where competitors were TikTok in the paradise of applications.

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