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See which one is the most downloaded application

See which one is the most downloaded application

As a result of the studies carried out by research companies, the most downloaded application has been determined. Here are all the curious details.

Sensor Tower, which has accomplished important business on a global scale, has made the most downloaded application research that will surprise everyone. Even if millions of applications have been downloaded so far, it has always been wondered which one has been downloaded the most. As a result of research conducted on Google Play Store and App Store, the facts have emerged.

Probably, when it comes to the most downloaded application, Facebook and other applications come to mind at first. However, this time the most used application was TikTok.

October 2020 top downloads list

As a result of the researches, it was seen that the most TikTok platforms were downloaded in October 2020. WhatsApp became the second most downloaded application right after TikTok.

In general, Facebook and its affiliated platforms are at the top of the list. In addition; It can be stated that Zoom and Telegram applications have achieved a good output.

The fact that the WhatsApp application ranks so high is due to the new smartphones that have recently joined the industry. These devices ensure that the app is at the top of the list when they download it. Thus, it manages to maintain its place for a long time.

Within the applications; Snapchat is still growing. The company has managed to become one of the most downloaded applications. This situation can enable it to rise to the peaks in the future. What is your favorite app? You can share with us from the comments section.

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