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Say goodbye to a handy feature on Android 10!

Say goodbye to a handy feature on Android 10!

Some of the features that Apple announced when introducing iOS 13 are currently removed from test versions. A similar strategy was implemented by Google in Android 10, while the fate of these features remains unknown.

The final version of the recently released Android 10 can now be installed on Google Pixel series phones and Essential Phone. While it is not known when other phone manufacturers will introduce the update to users, it has been seen to say goodbye to some useful features, especially for Pixel users.

Android 10 no longer keeps the screen open with fingerprints!

One of these features was to keep the screen awake by touching the fingerprint reader. If you’re reading any article or want to keep the screen on, just touch the fingerprint reader from time to time instead of the screen.

Manufacturers such as Samsung have been offering solutions for years that follow the face with the front camera and keep it open as long as the screen is viewed. However, Pixel users were able to keep the screen on at all times.

Although some of Google’s authority points out that this feature will come back, it is not yet clear. Pixel 4, which Google will introduce next month, can have a major impact on Google removing this feature from Android 10.

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will not have a physical fingerprint reader.

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