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Samsung will build millions of phones

Samsung will build millions of phones

Samsung has announced an agreement with Chinese Wingtech to reduce production costs for some phone models. Last month, the company closed its production facilities in China, announced that it will continue production in cooperation with Wingtech. Samsung’s reduction of production costs in this way, will also positively reflect the consumer.

This step will cause retail prices to drop in many regions, including India, the world’s largest telephone market.

Samsung prepares to build millions of phones

It is said that these phones will be sent to Southeast Asia and South America. However, due to the US restriction on China, it is a difficult decision for Google to confront Google Play Store, Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps and other core Android apps.

Within the scope of the cooperation, 60 million Samsung branded smart phones will be produced next year.

One of the biggest perturbations here is the loss of Samsung’s control and the quality of the phones produced. Wingtech also produces Xiaomi smartphones. The company said that the same quality and test standards will be applied to the models produced in China. Wingtech reported that it has agreed to produce high quality products.

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