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Samsung to Use AMD’s Mobile GPUs with RDNA Architecture in 2021

Samsung to Use AMD’s Mobile GPUs with RDNA Architecture in 2021

Samsung and AMD, two major technology companies that announced their partnership in June, are slowly realizing their plans for the future. In 2021, Samsung is targeting AMD chipset GPUs on their mobile devices.

Korean technology giant Samsung’s Note7 event before the Cortex core using Samsung Exynos chips, San Diego-based chip giant Qualcomm’s most important computer products in terms of computer performance was superior to SoC. However, Qualcomm has always maintained superiority in graphics performance thanks to Adreno GPUs.

Samsung and AMD announced in June that they had made a partnership to collaborate on mobile graphics. The partnership would bring Samsung AMD’s help for graphics and video accelerators. We now have more details about the returns of this partnership.

In the second quarter earnings announcements, Samsung briefly mentioned plans to launch mobile graphics solutions. While designing a custom Mongoose CPU core for Korean technology giant Exynos SoCs, the company still relies on ARM’s Financial GPUs to perform graphical calculations.

According to company representatives at Samsung’s latest earnings meeting, Samsung will start using AMD chips in as little as 2021. The partnership between Samsung and AMD will provide both of them a stable place in the mobile ecosystem.

Responding to a question asked at the meeting, the company representative used the following statements:

As you know, AMD has been a leader in the field of GPUs, especially since the early days of the PC market, and at an important point in terms of technology. With this partnership, we believe that we can leverage the power of AMD’s GPUs to improve performance not only in our mobile SoCs, but in other applications. However, given the time it takes to eliminate the previous technology, we expect GPU technology to be used in products that will be available for approximately two years.

Samsung’s chips will use AMD’s RDNA graphics architecture. RDNA was successful in the GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture that was released in 2012. According to AMD, RDNA increases PPC by 1.25x and power efficiency by 1.5x. Samsung’s partnership with AMD will also enable the Korean company to make a huge impact on the gaming smartphone market. This market is now full of Razer, Asus and Black Shark’s phones.

CEO of AMD Lisa Su commented on the topic:

In the quarter, we announced a strategic partnership with Samsung to bring Radeon graphics to future smartphones and mobile SoCs. The partnership sets out our strategy to connect with industry leaders in the ecosystem to take Radeon everywhere. Now there are partnerships between the computer, game console and mobile markets that contribute to a growing ecosystem and are the foundation for our Radeon graphics architecture. ”


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