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Samsung support for foldable iPhone!

Samsung support for foldable iPhone!

In 2023, Apple announced the launch of a new smartphone. However, judging by the information that has appeared, the folding iPhone differs from the expected form and may appear much earlier.

Earlier, information appeared for the folding Apple model, which is expected to be in the form of a Microsoft Surface Phone tablet.

How will foldable iPhone design be? Here are the claims

However, according to the information shared by Ice Universe, Apple asked Samsung for screen samples for its foldable model. Samsung, which is currently producing panels for the iPhone 12, produces screens in two different forms, vertical and horizontal, for the foldable phone.

This offer from Apple from Samsung was confirmed by the fact that the existing model will appear much earlier by 2023.

Despite the fact that Apple retains a mystery about what the design will be, experts believe that Samsung panels will form this design. Earlier, Apple received a patent for a folding battery for a folding phone.

Another assumption is that for the folding model, Apple expects screen protection technology in the folding form of Gorilla Glass.

Once upon a time, a fictional phone had already begun to penetrate our pockets. Samsung, Motorola and Huawei have made this dream a reality. It is known that Xiaomi is again working on a folding model.

Despite the fact that Apple is following this trend, Android may face more different features than its competitors. What do you think will be the design of the folding iPhone? We are waiting for your comments.

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