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Samsung shared for Galaxy F series

Samsung shared for Galaxy F series

A share came from the company for the Samsung Galaxy F series, which has leaked to users in the past days. The information about the features of the model, which is said to be developed with a camera focus and meet the users, also showed itself. When the features of the model are examined, it is seen that it will be among the middle segment models.

In the sharing made by the company, it is seen that the model is quite ambitious. Because in the post, it is stated that the model will “definitely leave a mark” on the users. This shows that the model can make a magnificent breakthrough.

Assertive sharing for the Samsung Galaxy F series

The company, which can attract user attention using upper segment models, also continues to work on middle segment models. Some news shows the future of the camera model, as well as performance tests. We have a tweet from the company acknowledging the existence of the model.

“The new F series will certainly leave a mark, follow us to move to Full-On.”

There were no other details in the official statement of the model. A model that meets users by model number will meet users with drip design. It will receive model power from the Exynos 9611 processor with a fingerprint sensor with a 3D camera at the back.

The 6 GB RAM model has 348 points in a single Geekbench test and 1339 points in a multi-user test.

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