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Samsung Receives a Patent for a Vertical Folding Phone


A new patent from Samsung reveals that the company is working on a fully foldable smartphone.

South Korean technology giant Samsung, 2019 with the first foldable screen smartphone Galaxy Fold wanted to make a stamp, but unfortunately this did not happen. The foldable display phone developed by the company has just become unusable during the testing phase, which has caused a major crisis.

Samsung continues to work on the Galaxy Fold, now has a new foldable phone patent. This patented model has great differences compared to the Galaxy Fold.

“Patently Mobile”, a Samsung-based patent work, folds the screen in a horizontal plane, not in a vertical plane. Furthermore, this phone can be folded in different ways depending on the usage. The phone looks like the normal Galaxy S design.

One of the interesting aspects of the design is the different folding modes. In fact, a user folds the screen at a different rate to listen to music and folds at a different rate to make a selfie. If you want to use the phone in minimal dimensions, it can be folded in the middle.

It is not yet known whether Samsung will use this new patent. Like millions of patents made by companies, this patent can be lifted to dusty shelves of history or made into a bloody living product. We need to wait to find out.


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