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‘Samsung’ New Ad to Make iPhone 11 Fans Jealous

‘Samsung’ New Ad to Make iPhone 11 Fans Jealous

Samsung has chosen a very critical day for the new Galaxy Note 10 ad. iPhone 11 pre-orders began the day, the Galaxy Note 10 began to run a new ad. Moreover, the ad features a feature that is not available on the iPhone 11, which seems to upset iPhone fans.

Samsung’s new ad, “Focus on the Galaxy Note10 Live Focus on what matters” was released. “Focus on the Galaxy Note10 Live Focus focus on what is important”, which can be translated as the video, as the name implies a very important feature that does not take place in Apple devices.

Thanks to the Live Focus Video feature in Samsung, Bokeh can be used when shooting videos. Moreover, you can make edits to the video at the same time you shoot the video. In this way, you can shoot high-quality videos with artistic touches with the Galaxy Note 10. Apple does not seem to bring this feature to iPhones for a while.

The Live Focus Video feature is currently available for the Galaxy Note 10. However, we do not think that this feature will be valid only for the latest phones. Samsung will probably bring this feature to the phones it has recently released, which will enable it to be enabled for earlier models.


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