Samsung May Terminate Galaxy Note Series, According To Reports From South Korea


South Korea’s website spoke about Samsung’s plans for next year. According to the website, Samsung will withdraw the Galaxy Note from the market if the Galaxy Z Flip is satisfied with the sales of its phones. S Pen will be available both Galaxy S and Galaxy Z Flip series.

South Korean tech giant Samsung has been releasing Galaxy Note phones since 2011. These phones, which provide users with unusual experience, are used by millions of users using the handles that they have. But the latest news from South Korea says the Galaxy Note series could be demolished on the dust shelves of history next year.

The Elec company announced Samsung plans for 2021. According to the content created by the site, Samsung will use S Pen in Galaxy Ultra (or Galaxy Ultra). The Elec also claims that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 can be released in conjunction with S Pen, and that the company did not approve the launch of the new Galaxy Note series phone for 2021. What does Samsung think about the next Galaxy Note phone?

Samsung May Terminate Galaxy Note Series, According To Reports From South Korea

According to The Elec’s claims, Samsung is examining the sales performance of Galaxy Z Fold series phones for the new Galaxy Note series phone in 2021. If the company is satisfied with the sales of the Galaxy Z Fold series phones, it will remove the Galaxy Note series from the market and bring S Pen support to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z Fold series phones.

Until the end of the year, when Samsung launched the new Galaxy Note phone, it sells about 10 million copies of this phone. It seems that in the Galaxy Z Fold series this was not. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a more advanced structure than the Galaxy Fold. This can seriously increase sales of the Galaxy Z Fold 2. If this happens, the future of the Galaxy Note may become controversial.

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In fact, the Galaxy Z Flip phones from S Pen are not the first case. It was previously claimed that Samsung wants phones with a folding screen with support for S Pen. However, S Pen support, which can be delivered to Galaxy S series phones, has not yet been discussed. If this happens, Samsung will run the Galaxy Z Fold series Galaxy Note. If the Galaxy S-series calls, it will have its own shower, and the Galaxy Note.

By the way, I must say that Samsung is not so easy to connect SPen to Galaxy Z Flip series phones. Because the company uses ultra-thin glass technologies for Galaxy Z Flip phones. Samsung provides strength with a plastic protector added to this glass, which prevents the collapse of the folding screen. But this protective layer cannot stand drawing. Samsung can use the new screen technology for the Galaxy Z Flip phone with S Pen support.

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