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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 press version appears

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 press version appears

Samsung will unveil new Galaxy Note phones next week. New reviews have appeared on the emerging Galaxy Z Fold 2 smartphone. Yesterday morning we had bloody landscapes about the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Your phone’s in the press now.

The first is Samsung, which introduced the Galaxy Fold last year on the first foldable phone, and then, in recent months, appeared on another foldable Galaxy Z Flip phone. It seems that the company is going to combine its experience with these phones with the new phone. The company, using the name on the first phone, showed that the Galaxy Z Flip will continue its series in a different way.

When we look at the press release of Samsung’s new folding phones, the first thing that attracts us is the disappearance of traffic jams. A phone with a hole display looks much better than a model. Otherwise, a device with 3 cameras looks thick using a built-in phone.

Samsung still does not have a clear explanation for the hardware characteristics of the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 folding phone, but the Galaxy S20 Ultra has camera performance and high equipment that we see on flagship ships. We can say that the price of the phone will be higher than by mistake.

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