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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus battery leaked!

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus battery leaked!

Samsung is working up the momentum it gained with the Galaxy Note 20 family with the Galaxy S20 FE. The company’s new flagship phones are preparing for the Galaxy S21 family. According to a new information, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus battery seems to have emerged. But how big will the battery of the new flagship be?

How big is the Galaxy S21 battery?

In fact, there is a long time before the launch date for the Galaxy S21 family. However, information such as S21 performance data, camera information has already emerged. For the S21 Plus, whose information has not been leaked so far, there was a battery leak.

Previously, Galaxy S21 Ultra battery information was 5000 mAh. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus battery will be 4800 mAh, judging by the leak. The previously leaked battery capacity of 4660 mAh reveals the nominal capacity of the battery, ie the minimum capacity. Although this size is lower than Ultra, it is not thought to make a big difference in terms of battery performance.

In terms of screen, he generally uses similar screens in Samsung Ultra and Plus models. There is usually a difference in screen size between the two models. Samsung used a 5000 mAh battery in the previous S20 Ultra model, and a 4500 mAh battery for the S20 Plus. In this respect, it seems to have preferred a slightly higher capacity for the Plus battery.

Samsung Galaxy S family launches in early May. Although the coronavirus has affected the production process of many smartphone companies so far, there is no problem on the Samsung side for now. Do you think the resulting battery for Galaxy S21 Plus is enough? We are waiting your comments.

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