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Samsung Galaxy S20 series will come with minimum 12GB RAM


South Korean technology giant Samsung will be eagerly awaited the launch of the event on February 11, while the introduction of new information about the Galaxy S20 models will continue to emerge.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series will come with minimum 12GB RAM

It is less than a month before smartphone manufacturer Samsung introduced its new flagship models. Leaks spilled out the design of the devices, but what awaits us in the case is slowly coming to light.

Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 9830

The Galaxy S10, introduced by Samsung last year, had 8 GB of RAM. Only the Galaxy S10 + has a 12GB RAM option, but according to the leaked information, all devices in the Galaxy S20 series will come with a minimum of 12GB RAM. The company will also release an “e” model similar to the Galaxy S10e designation this year.

Since smartphones with 16GB of RAM have not yet been released, the fact that the Galaxy S20 will come with at least 12GB of RAM can be considered a positive development. It is not yet clear whether Samsung will offer a Galaxy S20 with higher RAM capacity. The S20 series devices will come with Snapdragon 865 or Exynos 9830 chipsets, depending on the region. The company also wants to expand Qualcomm chips to more regions this year. However, the users in Europe will have to buy devices with Exynos processors.

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