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Samsung Galaxy S11 will come with spectrometer camera system


Important details about the camera of Samsung’s next flagship phone have been revealed. According to information, the Galaxy S11 camera system will include an internal spectrometer.

Samsung Galaxy S11 will come with spectrometer camera system

According to reports from South Korea, MecaTech Systems, Samsung Galaxy S11 periscope camera began to be used to send test sockets. These samples are used for final inspection of the equipment before the manufacturer begins shipping the component.

Samsung will feature an ISOCELL Bright HMX image sensor with a resolution of 108 megapixels in its new flagship phone. The smartphone is expected to come with a quad rear camera system. It will also have a 5x optical zoom.

Spectrometer camera system

According to the latest information, the Galaxy S11’s camera system will have an internal spectrometer that can detect the chemical composition of objects, the sugar content in fruits and the overall nutritional value using infrared light.

The spectrometer can also measure pulse and stress levels, subcutaneous fat, moisture in the skin and provide real-time recommendations to improve the condition. Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected to be introduced on February 18, 2020.


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