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‘Samsung Galaxy Note10’ Frame Aluminum Output

‘Samsung Galaxy Note10’ Frame Aluminum Output

In its new video on YouTube, Samsung was showing the Galaxy Note10’s stainless steel slim bezel. The frame is made of aluminum, not stainless steel.

It is normal for companies to give false information from time to time. Some details may be overlooked, but these are usually minor details and are then corrected. Samsung didn’t correct the wrong information about the marketing department that made the phone.

Samsung said the phone has a stainless steel bezel everywhere, from its website to youTube ads, and even glass and stainless steel can be welded perfectly. Nevertheless, the company refrained from naming the materials they used to manufacture the phone at the Unpacked promotional event.

The reason for this was that the Galaxy Note10 actually had a frame made of aluminum. How such a mistake escaped the company’s eyes – and twice – is a matter of great curiosity. The possibility that Samsung had thought about using stainless steel when it first started seems to be the possible cause of these errors. In the later processes, the problems in the communication between the employees of the company may prevent the revisions to be reached in a timely manner.

After the corrections and updates, Samsung has reloaded the advertising materials. In the revised video, there is no mention of stainless steel.

Aluminum may not sound as solid and luxurious as stainless steel, but it is much harder to scratch and looks new for longer.


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