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‘Samsung Galaxy Note 10+’ Viewed

‘Samsung Galaxy Note 10’ Viewed

Samsung will introduce on August 7 for the first time a phone belonging to the Galaxy Note10 family was viewed in a bloody way. Due to its size, Note10 + was thought to be an internet test on the subway.

We have heard a lot of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note10 +, which has been spoken for a long time and will be introduced soon. During the promotional period when we have a lot of information about the phone, new information continues to come.

The Galaxy Note10 family, which will be added to Samsung’s flagship segment, has a design that will make it say Bu This Galaxy Note10 ğü when it is seen as well as the highest hardware features today. In this way, the person who saw the phone while going to the subway noticed the Galaxy Note10 + immediately and in this way, the phone was displayed live for the first time bloody.

After the increase in the number of connection testers in the subway tunnels, an account called ‘Sunny Lin water bottle’ took a video of the person testing the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + in the subway.

The video shows a Samsung e-mail next to the device, as well as the front camera located in the center of the phone, as well as the easily recognizable One UI interface.

Considering the size of the device seen in the video device is considered Galaxy Note10 +. It looks even bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

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