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‘Samsung Galaxy Note 10’ and ‘Note S10 +’ Overseas Prices Revealed

‘Samsung Galaxy Note 10’ and ‘Note S10 +’ Overseas Prices Revealed

Korean technology giant Samsung’s flagship smartphones to be released in 2019, the Galaxy Note10 series of news about the prices had emerged. Now another source has shared some information confirming the prices that were previously issued. Ishan Agarwal has announced prices for Note10 versions on his Twitter account.

A source known for its leaky information shared the pricing of Samsung’s 2019 flagship Galaxy Note10 and Note10 + on Twitter. Pricing information from this source also confirms last month’s news.

He had already appeared, but I’m the one to approve. The 256 GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 will start at 949 euros. The 256GB Note10 + will cost 1,099 euros and the 512GB model will cost 1,199 euros. There will be slight changes in prices in European countries. I will transfer more versions soon.

Ishan Agarwal claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Note10’s basic model with 256GB of internal storage would be 949 euros, not 999 euros. In addition, the information revealed, the lowest model of the phone is said to be 256 GB, not 128 GB. Agarwal claims that the price of the 256 GB version of the Galaxy Note10 + will be 1,099 euros, while the 512 GB model will be 1,199 euros.


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