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Samsung Galaxy Fold Z’s Exciting Concept Design

Samsung Galaxy Fold Z’s Exciting Concept Design

Foldable phones, the star of the peace of the patent files that emerged last week after the Samsung renderers of the phone was prepared. The LetsGoDigital team’s renderings for Forbes showed how the device described in the patents would be a foldable phone.

Samsung, Galaxy Fold’un pre-order period after introducing the device was extremely painful. Having suffered a lot of hardware problems on the foldable phone, Samsung was ultimately forced to withdraw their phones from the market, and did not share a new release date.

There was a lot of information about Samsung’s foldable phone. So far, none of the information that has emerged that the phone will be announced again has been successful in proving its accuracy. Another device image appeared from Samsung indicating that it is working on the foldable phone.

A visual that proves that the Samsung team still has a lot of ideas about foldable phones was released recently. Last week we saw a phone that looked like a full tablet when it was opened with the patent file of a ‘Z’ foldable phone.

The LetsGoDigital team reviewed the patent file that came out last week and created the rendering of a Samsung foldable phone, now called the Galaxy Fold Z. The phone, even at first glance, was the kind to connect users.

The main features of the foldable smartphones are that they are the size of a standard smartphone when folded and almost tablet size when opened. The device is thought to be called Galaxy Fold Z when the job is opened a little larger than the three-fold display offers a large screen.

In addition to this, with the increase in the interest in mobile gaming, large devices can be seen to stand out much more. With the emergence of a device with this design, we can say that mobile users and gamers will make this phone the focus.

Of course, as we persistently say in every patent news, telephones appearing in patent files are known as papers reflecting the ideas of companies. Although the plans here are likely to be implemented, they may not see the face of the day.


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