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Samsung develops its own 3D ToF sensor


Having difficulty in obtaining 3D ToF sensors in the market, Samsung found the solution to develop its own sensors. ISOCELL Vizion will house the company’s 3D ToF sensors.

Samsung develops its own 3D ToF sensor

With the rise of the trend of blurring photos, depth sensors began to be included in addition to standard camera sensors. With the prominence of the rich reality concept and facial recognition system, the process of evolving into 3D ToF technology started.

Samsung is coming too

3D ToF sensors, which perform better in areas such as depth effect, facial recognition and rich reality, have been the favorite of smartphone manufacturers for a while. So much so that Sony can no longer keep up with the demand. Samsung then decided to develop its own 3D ToF sensors.

It is known that the majority of 3D ToF sensors were dominated by the iPhone 12 series and iPad Pro series over the next few months. Sony has reserved all its lines for Apple. For this reason, Samsung had no chance to use 3D ToF sensors on its Galaxy Note 20 and future Galaxy S21 flagships.

A new application by the firm to the European Union Copyright Office revealed the sensor nomenclature ISOCELL Vizion. The ISOCELL Vizion sensor will be used in depth detection, face recognition, 3D resizing and rich reality applications.

It came to the fore last year that Samsung invested in its fellow countryman KOLEN and that KOLEN would double its lens production. Probably the ISOCELL Vizion series will be produced in partnership with Samsung and KOLEN.

It is a matter of curiosity how effective this move of Samsung will be in the short term. For the Galaxy S21 flagship series, which lacks the 3D ToF sensor, this development could be a good news. The company will also supply to different manufacturers.

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