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Samsung and Apple Benefit from Huawei’s Possible Collapse


Huawei has announced that it will announce its operating system after being dismissed from some US companies. However, it is not possible for the company to launch it on a global scale in the near future. In this environment, a possible Huawei crash is expected to benefit most Samsung and Apple.

Huawei is currently the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer in front of Samsung and in front of Apple. However, due to the US ban, this title may soon be in danger and according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this will be most beneficial for Huawei’s rivals.

Huawei’s sales fall to 180 million units

Before Google and some companies cut off ties with Huawei, analysts predicted about 270 million phone shipments for the brand by the end of 2019. But Huawei, recently confirmed that the company’s operating system was not ready to be released on a global scale until the beginning of 2020. Therefore, results may be lower than expected.

It is estimated that sales will decrease by an average of 8-10 million units in every extra month without the launch of the operating system.
If Huawei cannot launch the operating system quickly, at the end of 2019, the company’s sales may be only between 180 and 200 million units. This means that he can potentially settle behind Apple once again.

Samsung and Apple can benefit significantly from this situation

The fact that there are fewer companies in the market seems to be less advantageous for users. Because this means that the company that does not feel pressure on it will not be too hasty to innovate. But this seems to benefit companies like Samsung and Apple.

If Huawei; If Europe loses its share of markets such as India, the latest estimates suggest that Samsung will be able to sell over 300 to 320 million units in these regions. The previous estimates foresee a sales of around 290 million.

Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple sales could be around 185 million until the year of the introduction of the 5G. However, the current situation shows that the company can exceed the 200 million threshold.

Apple looks ahead from Huawei in high-end phone sales. So when it comes to flagship phones, Huawei is still ranked third. However, if the interest in Huawei P and Mate branded models decreases, this will benefit Apple.

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