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Sad claim about PS5!

Sad claim about PS5!

When the PS 5 was first announced, one of the most praised hardware was its NVMe SSD. When it was announced that the storage unit would be 825 GB, it got a big reaction from users. Its competitor, Xbox, announced the storage unit as 1 TB.

Allegedly, the PS 5’s usable storage is 664 GB

According to a claim in Reset Era, the user interface and operating system of the PS 5 take up 161 GB of space. Of the 825 GB storage unit, only 664 GB can be used due to the space occupied by the operating system and other system files.

Its competitor, Xbox Series X, can use 920 GB of 1 TB of storage space. Also, Xbox Series X’s external SSD cartridges have a price tag of $ 220. There is no solution offered by Sony for this storage area. Most users seem to prefer the Blu-Ray Disc version.

PS 5 will debut on November 12 in the USA, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, and on November 19 worldwide.

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