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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S11’s Camera Will Be 64 MP Resolution

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S11’s Camera Will Be 64 MP Resolution

With a new step, Samsung’s camera performance will be very, very sudden. So how will this happen?

Smartphone manufacturers are improving their hardware capabilities in every new model of their flagship range of smartphones, giving users a higher operating experience. In today’s devices, the most visible area is the camera sensors.

South Korean technology giant Samsung continues to maintain leadership in the smartphone industry. The Samsung Galaxy S11, the flagship of the Galaxy S series, which Samsung regularly launches every year, is expected with great interest.

The Samsung Galaxy S11, which will be introduced in 2020, has already begun to emerge. The most remarkable of these rumors is that Samsung will use a full 64 MP camera on this flagship smartphone.

According to rumors, Samsung will also use the best camera sensor it already uses on the Galaxy Note10, which will be introduced in the coming weeks; then it will stop using this sensor.

In this respect, Samsung has used the same 12 MP sensor since the Galaxy S7 flagship, but optimizes camera performance by improving other hardware and software components.

With a brand new 64 MP sensor, Samsung’s performance is expected to increase to an unprecedented level. As always, we will learn the most precise and precise information during the launch of the device.


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