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RTX 2080 Ti AMD Radeon graphics card leaked

RTX 2080 Ti AMD Radeon graphics card leaked

The year 2020 continues to be very exciting for players. During the year, AMD and NVIDIA are preparing to introduce graphics cards called Radeon and Ampere. In particular, AMD said they wanted to remove a high-end Navi card from its RTX 2080 Ti rival. AMD CEO after CES 2020 Lisa Su told the press teams that they should be ready for a high-end Navi card. According to the leak, the RTX 2080 Ti killer AMD Radeon graphics card is currently under test.

RTX 2080 Ti AMD Radeon graphics card tester

The new NVIDIA Ampere graphics cards offer 50 percent more performance than the Turing architecture. Which company NVIDIA will choose for 7 nm transistor supply is a matter of curiosity. AMD is preparing a high-end Navi card with hardware-supported Ray Tracing to keep up the competition. However, both companies keep a pretty good secret about their products.

AMD’s new graphics card received an average of 103.3 FPS from the OpenVR test. The RTX 2080 Ti received an average of 80 FPS from this test. The new AMD Radeon graphics card has performed about 30 percent more than the 2080 Ti. But the confusing thing is that AMD used the Ryzen 4800H mobile processor for testing.

It is clear that such a powerful graphics card is not designed for laptops. But why AMD uses a mobile processor for a product under test is a mystery.

AMD usually registers for graphics cards under the name Radeon RX. However, in this test, the name of the card is registered as AMD Radeon Graphics. This brings to mind that AMD may have an integrated graphics unit. However, the high value of the card makes it almost impossible to integrate the 4800H.

NVIDIA and AMD have shown quite confusing things in the process. So it’s best to wait until the official announcement.

AMD has sent mobile Ryzen processors to many partners. It was even leaked that Asus tried the 4800H with an unknown NVIDIA card.

What do you think about the video cards that will be released this year?


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