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Rising iPhone 11 sales led to surprises

Rising iPhone 11 sales led to surprises

Apple 11, which upset forecasts for iPhone sales, continues to make sales in China. Successful company that sold 10 million iPhones to China in September-October period, according to the latest calculations is quite good in every respect.

iPhone 11 sales on the rise despite rivals

Taking into account the reviews from customers, Apple, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro has made a great improvement in charging life. In addition, to see the rise in market share in the name of the new iPhone models to a change in the Apple, prices, made everyone’s face laugh.

Analyzing the image quality of their competitors, Tim Cook and his team came to their level with some important moves. Some users think the iPhone 11 has the best cameras. In addition, the total smartphone shipments in China in the last 2 months fell by 5 percent.

The Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology, led by the Chinese Ministry of Technology, announced that iPhone shipments increased by 6 percent over the previous year. The iPhone models, which were also successful in their own country, took a deep breath especially with the iPhone 11 series. In this context, the latest series, iPhone XR and iPhone XS devices more successful.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the new pricing strategy and monthly payment program helped Apple a lot within China. In this context, low price policy seems to provide what is expected. Apple is now recovering itself in the new Mac Pro model is expected to achieve success.

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