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Representative images showing the ‘colossal dimensions’ of the PS5 on the table


Sony had officially announced the dimensions of the PlayStation 5 last week. A Twitter user created representative visuals using this information.

Representative images showing the ‘colossal dimensions’ of the PS5 on the table

Sony’s next generation console PlayStation 5, as you know, has surprisingly large dimensions. We can see these gigantic dimensions of the console more clearly in the new representative images prepared by a Twitter user. You can see the images below, prepared using the official information published by Sony.

The PlayStation 5 has a length of 39 cm and a width of 10.4 cm. PS5 has now set an important record as the largest game console in history. Sony may release a Slim version of the PS5 in the coming years, but even the Slim version of this console will probably be quite large.

It will dissipate the heat better

Matt Maclaurin, vice president of UX Design on PlayStation, made a statement about the dimensions of the PS5 last June. Maclaurin used the following statements:

“There are thermal reasons behind the console’s large size. This generation consists of small supercomputers. The 7nm process offers great heat performance compared to the power it provides, but we’re still talking about an extreme power. The technology is still very new and generates a lot of heat, so it can dissipate it. we need more space for it. “

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