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Rendered images of Meizu 17 leaked

Rendered images of Meizu 17 leaked

Meizu appeared in the rendering footage of Meizu 17, which is expected to be the next flagship. Leaked rendering images show the curved design in detail.

For the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu, which has gained global popularity with its high price / performance ratio, things have not been going well in recent days. The company, which had a lot of confusion in itself, had recently closed some of its stores in China.

Although the Depression was going through days, there were rumors that the company, which recently launched its flagship model Meizu 16s Pro, would never slow down and return with the Meizu 17th. Apparently the accuracy of these rumors is not low at all. Because Meizu’s new flagship Meizu 17 is expected to render images. Leaked rendering images show the design of the device in detail.

Based on the rendering, the design of the device is very similar to that of the previous flagships of Meizu’s previous flagships, but with its curved display, it clearly distinguishes itself. The device features a highly curved, flat screen in what Vivo describes as a “waterfall display”. Meizu hasn’t been going through radical changes in the design of its flagship models for nearly two years, and it looks like it will break its chains with Meizu 17.

The triple rear camera installation includes a 48 MP main camera sensor. On the front, like the rest of the series, there is only one selfie camera, but we have no idea about the resolution of the sensor.

This year’s flagship model Meizu 16s was released in April, so we do not expect the Meizu 17 to be launched in the near future.

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