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Remarkable clip from Microsoft interns!

Remarkable clip from Microsoft interns!

After many companies competed their new technologies in IFA 2019, the fair ended. Microsoft is not on the agenda this time with a new technology, with a clip prepared by interns. With the name ile Microsoft the Musical Microsoft, Microsoft trainees shot musical clips!

Microsoft interns drew musical clips!

With the end of IFA 2019, the agenda was quite fast. Microsoft, however, revived this agenda with a musical clip, not a new technology. Over the last year, 150 interns and many Microsoft employees who have gone through many stages to become Intern in Microsoft have spent their overtime on a musical clip, not on new technology.

The video is streamed on YouTube with 10 minutes and every second. Although it is basically a clip that tells the history of Microsoft through the eyes of young people and shared their motivation for success, many Microsoft technologies are in use.

Klip Microsoft the Musical klip was shot on the company’s Redmond campus in Washington. The company’s trainees and young talent employees devoted much of the summer to weekday evenings and weekends.

In fact, this clip has a bit of a viral advertising that proves that the inside of the company is really dynamic and fast. However, the trainees of the year 2020, which will follow this project, seem to have difficulty in getting better out of this project.


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