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Release date for iMac with Apple processor revealed

Release date for iMac with Apple processor revealed

New information about the Apple processor-based iMac model continues to emerge. Recently, information from China brought to the agenda when the new iMac model will be released and with which Apple processor it will be used. As it turns out, Apple has completed its planning for all Mac models with Apple processors.

Countdown has begun for iMac model with Apple processor

According to the table revealed by a newspaper publishing in China, Apple is preparing to launch the new iMac model in the first half of 2021. This new iMac model will be available with a processor allegedly called the Apple A14T.

It seems that no external graphics card from AMD or Nvidia will be used with this A14T processor, which will be in the Apple processor-based iMac model. The list includes the phrase Apple A14T processor and Apple GPU. It is noted that this processor will also be produced by TSMC as 5 nm.

In the MacBook model with an Apple processor, it is claimed that the processor named Apple A14X will be used. Similarly, MacBook Pro models with an external graphics card option are likely to have an Apple 5 nm Apple GPU option.

Unfortunately, there is currently no more detailed technical information on both the CPU and GPU sides. However, it has also become a matter of curiosity about the comparison of applications against Intel processors and AMD graphics cards. As far as it is understood, the question marks in the technical details will continue for both Apple-processor MacBook and Apple-processor-iMac models until 2021.

Along with these, what kind of pricing Apple plans against Intel processor models is among the other topics that are curious.

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