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Redmi General Manager Confirms Redmi Note 8


It was confirmed by one of the most authorized names of the company that Xiaomi’s sub-brand, Redmi, which the budget smart phones used in the market, is working on a brand new smartphone with superior features.

The information of the smart phones that the smartphone manufacturers have worked on for months and introduced them to the market by making them the most perfect condition can be revealed very long ago.

Expected to work on the device that users receive news about this smartphone want to learn as soon as possible. A number of impatient Redmi users have revealed some information about the company’s new phone.

Redmi General Manager Confirms Redmi Note 8

Redmi’s General Manager Lu Weibing’i innovations in China’s social media Weibo to learn in the correspondence compressing the fan base, exactly what he wanted.

Redmi Note 8, the name of the smartphone on the question whether they work on the question of Lu Weibing’e in response to the mass of fans Weibing, confirmed that the device will come very soon.

Noting that the Note 8 smartphone was a revolutionary in the industry, Weibing did not share any detailed information about the device or its launch date.

On the other hand, Redmi fans were excited when a brand like Redmi produced a device to compete with the flagship series smartphones of the sector giants.


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