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Redmi gave date for its first 5G-enabled phone


Redmi, Xiaomi’s sub-brand, recently announced the Note 8 series. The Chinese company announced the launch of the first 5G-enabled phone at the launch event.

Redmi gave date for its first 5G-enabled phone

Redmi announced the launch of its first 5G-enabled smartphone next year during the launch of the Note 8 series. The company thus ended speculation about the future of the device this year.

Earlier, Redmi’s senior executive, Lu Weibing, announced that he could support the 5G connectivity of the Redmi K30, the successor to the Redmi K20. With the spread of the news, there was an expectation that the K30 would be the first 5G-enabled smartphone of Redmi.

5G enabled phones are very expensive

The Redmi K20 was introduced last May. With this in mind, we can say that the new K30 series will be launched in the same period next year. So there is a long time before the arrival of the smartphone.

Currently, most 5G-enabled smartphones on the market have an extremely high price tag. iQOO Pro 5G is one of the cheapest models to buy. With the introduction of the Redmi K30 at an affordable price, there will be a significant increase in the use of a 5G phone.


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